At Cindy's Pilates we are proud to offer you the highest quality equipment and instruction available. Out team of instructors are committed to getting you in the best shape of your life with Pilates.  As I started my quest to get certified years ago, I was horrified to discover that you could get your Pilates certification in a weekend's time at some studios.  That is NOT the kind of instructor I want to be, take classes from, or have teaching at my studio. With this discovery, I began doing a lot of research into Pilates history.  I soon discovered the Stott Method of Pilates and loved how it focused on the spine, posture, and the special needs of people with injuries.  With this method, I always felt my workout time made more of an impact to my core muscles and it made me feel extremely athletic.  I then began teaching this method to maximize my client's workout time and improve their overall health and fitness. Over the years Cindy has trained them all.  From 1st timers of all shapes and sizes to professional athletes competing at the highest level of their game.  At Cindy's Pilates we are dedicated to help you reach your goals, whether it is flattening abdominals, toning muscles, increasing flexibility, improving posture, or enhancing your performance in other sports and activities.  Call us today and schedule an introduction class.

-Cindy Gegax