"My 1st choice of workouts"

By: Liz D - Irving, TX

I have been going to Cindy's Pilates for many years - it is a great workout. No two classes are the same - great variety. Cindy is very knowledgeable and motivating! The instructors at Cindy's Pilates are always of the highest caliber. While my journey began with back and neck issues - - working out at Cindy's has kept me in total body health - - and will continue to be my 1st Choice of workouts.

"Where has this been my whole life"

By: Jennifer Holcomb

After trying Cindy's Pilates, you might think, "Where has this been my whole life?"  

I used to work out a lot in my twenties. I did boot camps and running and boxing. I considered myself in the best shape of my life. Then I got hurt. It seemed like one injury led to more injuries and I had that life moment where I realized that while I felt young, my body was breaking. I thought my lame stretches and strength exercises were enough.  Cue Pilates.  I had a bad attitude about turning to the yoga/Pilates scene. I thought it was for people who couldn't work out.
It turns out, Cindy is tougher than a drill sergeant(sp?).  Her vast experience and expertise will make you question how she can tell that you're not working as hard as you could on a leg lift or a crunch. It's really infuriating, actually.  You might wake up some days unable to sit or stand, walk upstairs or lift your arms. But this is how Cindy shows her love because these are the workouts that make you stronger. You are working critical muscles that you so dearly need to be strong but will never be able to find on your own.  So bring on the soreness; I'm hooked for life.

Cindy will make you a believer.

"From the first time that I did it, it just made sense to me"

By: Martellus Bennett

About five years ago, when I was playing for the Cowboys, I really wanted to find a new way to better my body, and to become more flexible.  First I tried yoga, but I have ADD, so holding positions for a long time—and all that chanting—just wasn’t for me.  One day, I noticed a Pilates studio—Cindy’s Pilates—next door to a boxing gym in Irving, TX, where I worked out with some other teammates.  From watching some of the students do their routines, I knew right then that it was something that could help me.  I signed up for a lesson that day!  From the first time that I did it, it just made sense to me.  At the time, my knee was bothering me, so Cindy gave me routines that catered to that. My hamstring also had a ‘glitch,’ so she helped me work that out. I really liked having a new routine each time that could be adjusted to my body’s needs, and Pilates became a regular part of my workout.

"Why did i wait so long"

By: Lauren Howell

Why did I wait so long to give Pilates a try? I have owned a treadmill, a total gym, and an exercise bike. I think in the time I had that equipment I exercised maybe five times. I never realized there was something out there that would (1) make exercise enjoyable and (2) allow you to see results so quickly. I absolutely love Pilates. Cindy does a great job of changing up the routine, so it never gets old or boring.

As a person that has never exercised before (unless you count band in high school), I was shocked with the results I was seeing when I started Pilates. I have had several back surgeries and am very inflexible, so I had concerns that I would even be able to do Pilates. After a few private sessions with Cindy, I was ready for the group classes. In both the private sessions and the group classes, Cindy is always quick to ensure I am not doing anything to strain my back. She is happy to modify several of the exercises that we do, so that I can do them without hurting my back. I now go to Pilates four times a week – there is no better way to start my work day! Not only am I gaining more muscle and becoming more toned, but I am starting to have more feeling in my back. This is something I haven’t had since my first back surgery in 2001.

If you are looking for an enjoyable exercise, where you see results, I highly recommend Cindy’s Pilates Studio.