"No two classes are the same and there is no chance of being bored"

By: Claire May

I have been going to Cindy's studio since I moved to Dallas from the UK Dallas 7 month ago.  I have been practising Stott's Pilate's for 7 years and was unbelievably excited to find a local studio that offered this specific discipline.  I had spent many years trying all sorts of exercise and many types of Pilate's with mixed results but once I tried Stott's there was no going back.  Cindy's has blown all my expectations out of the water and I can say it is the best studio I have attended, including a top London studio.  Cindy's offers a large range of classes using a wide variety of modern equipment.  No two classes are the same and there is no chance of being bored, I am usually amazed that a class is over which is a great thing to say when you are working your hardest.  Even in group classes the instructors manage to provide one on one attention.  The instructors will push you to your limits and know each individuals issues and aims, there is no chance of laziness!!  But that is one of the big things I enjoy.  As well as being a fantastic workout the studio is also incredibly friendly, welcoming and dare I say fun.  I didn't know anyone in the USA when I walked in and I now count many people as close friends and feel part of a caring community.  There is a strong sense of camaraderie which can be essential during a tough class!