"Why did i wait so long"

By: Lauren Howell

Why did I wait so long to give Pilates a try? I have owned a treadmill, a total gym, and an exercise bike. I think in the time I had that equipment I exercised maybe five times. I never realized there was something out there that would (1) make exercise enjoyable and (2) allow you to see results so quickly. I absolutely love Pilates. Cindy does a great job of changing up the routine, so it never gets old or boring.

As a person that has never exercised before (unless you count band in high school), I was shocked with the results I was seeing when I started Pilates. I have had several back surgeries and am very inflexible, so I had concerns that I would even be able to do Pilates. After a few private sessions with Cindy, I was ready for the group classes. In both the private sessions and the group classes, Cindy is always quick to ensure I am not doing anything to strain my back. She is happy to modify several of the exercises that we do, so that I can do them without hurting my back. I now go to Pilates four times a week – there is no better way to start my work day! Not only am I gaining more muscle and becoming more toned, but I am starting to have more feeling in my back. This is something I haven’t had since my first back surgery in 2001.

If you are looking for an enjoyable exercise, where you see results, I highly recommend Cindy’s Pilates Studio.