"Where has this been my whole life"

By: Jennifer Holcomb

After trying Cindy's Pilates, you might think, "Where has this been my whole life?"  

I used to work out a lot in my twenties. I did boot camps and running and boxing. I considered myself in the best shape of my life. Then I got hurt. It seemed like one injury led to more injuries and I had that life moment where I realized that while I felt young, my body was breaking. I thought my lame stretches and strength exercises were enough.  Cue Pilates.  I had a bad attitude about turning to the yoga/Pilates scene. I thought it was for people who couldn't work out.
It turns out, Cindy is tougher than a drill sergeant(sp?).  Her vast experience and expertise will make you question how she can tell that you're not working as hard as you could on a leg lift or a crunch. It's really infuriating, actually.  You might wake up some days unable to sit or stand, walk upstairs or lift your arms. But this is how Cindy shows her love because these are the workouts that make you stronger. You are working critical muscles that you so dearly need to be strong but will never be able to find on your own.  So bring on the soreness; I'm hooked for life.

Cindy will make you a believer.