At Cindy's Pilates we proudly offer a wide variety of classes to meet your fitness goals. Offering a variety of classes allows you the opportunity to find a class that meets your comfort and endurance level. So please take some time and read a bit about the different classes we offer.


Mat classes are the foundation for Pilates. You will learn essential and intermediate exercises while applying the principles of the Stott method. In all Mat classes you will work on lengthening and toning muscles, flattening abdominals, strengthening core muscles, building balance, increasing flexibility, and restoring natural posture. With our large range of mat equipment available at the studio, you will never get bored and never need to bring a thing. We provide mats, stability balls, fitness circles, flex bands, foam rollers, arc barrels, toning balls, ankle weights,  bosus, bender balls, gliding discs, tubing, trigger point therapy equipment, and a variety of props to fit your body's needs. Mat classes are recommended for every age, size, and gender. Whether you are the fittest of athletes or just beginning to exercise, these classes are for you.



The Reformer class continues to do everything a Mat class does, but now adds resistance. Each student works on their own Professional Stott Reformer throughout the class. Jump Boards are offered to add cardio into your workout. Walk-in's are welcome, but to guarantee a place in the class scheduling an appointment is highly recommended. All appointments are accepted no more than a week in advance.


You can now add cardio in your pilates class. We add a jumpboard to the end of your reformer and do intervals of jumping with pilates in between. There are two types of jumps: the heavy jump, and the light jump. The heavy jump will concentrate on getting your heart rate up and strengthen your legs. The light jump targets your core. This is a great way for people to get your cardio in while doing Pilates at the same time. There is very little impact, so people with knee replacements and injuries have NO problem with this class.


A barre class is performed on a portable ballet barre.  Workouts are designed to strengthen legs, arms and abs.  They challenge your core stability and balance where you rely mainly on your own body weight for resistance.